Bonus Media

During the five years spent making City of Trees, Meridian Hill Pictures produced a series of short documentaries exploring related themes, individual stories, and the historical context of the film.

  1. Community Harvest is the first independent short film produced by Meridian Hill Pictures' director Brandon Kramer and producer Lance Kramer documenting the DC Green Corps in 2010. Community Harvest was the first time we filmed with Charles and Steve. The film was an official selection in the Our City Film Festival, Southern Appalachian Film Festival, and Columbia Gorge International Film Festival.

  2. Anacostia Paddle is Meridian Hill Pictures' second independent short film documenting the DC Green Corps. The film was featured in a yearlong exhibit at the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum entitled 'Reclaiming the Edge' exhibition.

  3. During Spring 2011, Meridian Hill Pictures facilitated a series of participatory video trainings with the DC Green Corps trainees. Participants created four short videos expressing in their own voice how urban forestry and greening helped to meet needs in underserved DC communities. The videos premiered at the American Film Institute (AFI) Silver Theatre in 2011.

    View more shorts on our Vimeo channel

  4. Chapter 113 is a short film produced by Meridian Hill Pictures as a study for City of Trees. The film profiles alumni of the Civilian Conservation Corps Chapter 113 based in Maryland. The short film premiered at The Corps Networks' annual conference in 2013.

  5. In 2012, Meridian Hill Pictures was invited to participate in creating a transmedia prototype of the City of Trees story through a story Hackathon hosted by AFI DOCS, Tribeca Film Institute, BAVC, ITVS, American University's Center for Media & Social Impact and the Mozilla Foundation. Explore the prototype here.


  6. PBS video: City of Trees – Behind the Story

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